Supply Sea Defence Timbers – Eastbourne Beach


Client – Eastbourne B C & J T Mackley & Co.

Contract – Supply Sea Defence Timbers – Eastbourne Beach

Timescales – Contract length was 3 years. Regular and consistent supply was critical and was maintained throughout.

Background – This major project is designed to improve the protection of a large area of environmentally sensitive land in East Sussex with over 10,000 homes (some of which are below sea level) and significant road and rail infrastructure.

Timber Requirements – Aitken and Howard won the tender to supply the following:

  • 300 x 300mm Greenheart piles 12-14m lengths
  • 350 x 350mm Greenheart and Black Kakarelli land ties
  • 225 x 225mm Greenheart piles
  • 150 x 225mm Greenheart Wailing
  • 100 x 300mm and 75 x 225mm planking

Value Added – Timber supplied from stock.